Thank you!!!

2019, Enjoying our 5th Year! Thank you for your support and your opinions, as we will continue to listen and learn from them. 

Keeping 99% of the work here in our own back yard, literally:)... 
We continue to use high quality products found in the United States of America

Upgraded items in 2018:
- Stronger fiberglass poles with aluminum ferrules
- Rubber tips on our transverse pole
- Heavy duty bungee balls
- Marine grade stainless steel  grommets
- Wider pull down straps
- SPF 50  on all Shades

Main 2 Questions in 2018:

- Do you make them wider (Currently working on a bigger size in 2019)
- What do you do if you don't have rocket launchers on your top (We found a heavy duty c clamp rod holder that looks promising, will let you know after some research )

Our Story
SlimmShade UV Protection System was developed to solve our shade problem on our boat. One that provided unobstructed shade when deployed and  stored away in a compact case when not in use.

The SlimmShade U.V. Protection System adjustability can be adapted to meet the sun's position as well as providing privacy from near by saltlife lovers. Our customers have encourage us not to limit ourselves to just the sandbar, so we have tested it up to 29 knots as well as taking it off the boat onto the beach. 

Although it is not recommend to run with, if you do, remember to take down the transverse pole and bungeeball on the stern.

Our Mission is to provide you with UV Protection, no matter where you are.

Stay in the Shade,
ESM Family :)...